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Highschool Track Coach Fired For Boys Not Wearing Shirts: Ridiculous?

Westwood Higschool’s track coach, Tom Davis, was fired recently over an issue with the boys on his team running without shirts. The boys not wearing shirts supposedly made some of the girls “uncomfortable.” Davis claims that he was never given a reason for being fired. I’m not really sure what rule was broken either. Davis and the school’s Athletic Director, Karl Fogel went “chest to chest” over the issue. Obviously, setting a great example for the students. Kudos for handling the situation maturely, guys. I’m sure Fogel and Davis almost getting into a physical fight over the issue didn’t make the kids uncomfortable or anything. Since, that is what the issue is about…the students. It’s terribly ironic that this whole thing being blown up like this is actually probably affecting the students much more than a couple shirtless guys.

I ran track in highschool and i had some coaches who wouldn’t allow the guys to take off their shirts and others who did. Ultimately, it didn’t matter to me, nor did it make me uncomfortable 1) i was used to it and 2) i was focusing on my own thing. But everyone sees things differently, so i can sympathize with the girls. The AD and the coach handled this situation terribly. The coach could have simply made a strict rule that everyone has to keep their shirts on. I’ve had coaches do that in the past, and it works well. But it’s difficult to see what the real issue is here. There are two sides to every story.

Either way, the immaturity of this scenario is frustrating.

The coach is seeking legal counsel so we’ll have to wait and see what happens with this issue. It’ll certainly be interesting if this issue is brought to court but if the coach broke a rule that the school had then he may not have much of a case against them. It’s a bummer that the team lost their coach though. That has to be majorly distracting.


The “Cow Caper”

Recently, Jonathon Payton in Stafford, Virginia, was arrested for shoplifting 26 gallons of milk from Wal-Mart (about $92 worth).

You can watch the video (and the over-zealous news anchor) here.

Adorable cow.

First of all, none of the people he talked to were candid. Everyone and their mom knows that. However, despite that and the overall cheesiness of this video, i still enjoy it. Obviously, it was a slow news day.

This is an odd crime. But considering that Payton is 18-years-old, i suspect that it was a practical joke. Or, of course, he could have mental problems. I really hope it was just a joke or a cry for attention. Considering that he tried to hand out the milk to people after getting outside with it suggests to me that he had no real motivation in stealing it; besides maybe boredom. But either way, what an embarrassing crime to commit. It’s also quite a shame that there aren’t any pictures of the actual event. He had a good run though, he actually made it to McDonald’s before getting caught. It goes without saying that this guy isn’t very smart.

However in 2008, an Ohio woman named Michele Allen was arrested for chasing children and blocking traffic. She was drunk ( no surprise there.) To her neighbor’s delight, she also urinated on their porch (i’m still trying to figure out the logistics of urinating while wearing a cow costume,kudos to you, Michele…true ingenuity.)

Michele Allen's mugshot. (utterly disturbing).

If she had chased me as a child, i would have been scared of cows my entire life. I would have also been permanently scarred.

The only person who should ever actually wear a cow costume.

Turns out Reno 911 isn’t actually that far from reality. I apologize in advance for the profanity and the short-shorts.

Lesson learned: costumes in crime only work if they are used as disguises, otherwise, they are just silly.

The Royal Wedding: Why do we care so much?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve heard about the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William ( who are now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge).

Many people in the states (mostly women i’m sure) got up in the early hours of the morning to watch the proceedings. Personally, i couldn’t be swayed to get up at 4 in the morning, 1) because i enjoy sleeping far too much and 2) because i don’t have a tv. I probably could have watched it on the internet but i was content without doing so.

But why are people so enraptured with the royal wedding?

I think it’s some kind of combination of our natural curiosity of what other people are doing, our desire to see something that doesn’t happen everyday, and also the fun of it. It is enjoyable to see what everyone is wearing and how they looked and such. At least for women it is. There was huge speculation over what Kate’s dress would look like and how she’d wear her hair.  I think the wedding is a nice distraction from all the negativity we typically see in the news. People idolize Kate and William and the wedding gives them a chance to fantasize and day-dream.

It’s all a bit obsessive and at the end of the day it’s just a wedding.  But the media does tend to go a little crazy with events like this.

William and Kate

Kate preparing to enter Westminister Abbey with her sister and maid of honor, Pippa, holding her train

On a side note, i really can’t stand some of those pill box hats.

As my mom would say, it’s one thing to wear a hat but it’s another to wear a sculpture on your head.

Honestly, this girl looks ridiculous. I’m not entirely sure what she was thinking. There’s even a facebook page dedicated to the insanity of her hat.

Good choice there, Beatrice.

DEA Agent Shot at Gun Safety Demonstration

A friend showed me this video yesterday. It’s actually from 2004. The irony is pretty entertaining. Good thing he didn’t shoot one of the kids.

Turns out the DEA Agent, Lee Paige, is actually suing over the release of the video. Paige,45, claims that this video has “crippled” his career.  The person in the audience who filmed Paige shooting himself in the foot with a Glock .40 sent the video to the Drug Agency. Paige is angry that the agency released this video. Paige claims that he was once one of the “best” agents in the agency. He also is no longer allowed to give gun safety lectures anymore. Obviously. Who in their right mind would allow him to be around children with guns? I understand that accidents happen. But he’s supposed to be a gun expert. He says in the video that the guns aren’t loaded. I’m no expert on this, but if you’re about to be handling guns around young kids, you should…oh…i don’t know…double check to make sure the guns aren’t loaded! Imagine what would have happened if he had shot one of the kids. He’s lucky he’s the only one who got shot. He metaphorically shot himself in the foot and literally shot himself in the foot.


This is a picture of the document that Paige filed.

I guess we have to give him some props for continuing to limp around with a bullet in his foot and attempt to show a rifle to the scared children. Kudos to the lady in the audience who told him to “put it down.”  I think a good rule of thumb is that if you are giving a gun safety lecture and someone gets shot…you should stop and reevaluate your safety tactics.

I sympathize with Paige a bit though; this video is horribly embarrassing and makes a mockery of his job. This is definitely an example of how the internet and social networking has a huge effect on people’s lives now. Without the internet, only a few people would have seen this video and most likely it would have stayed between Paige, the audience, and the agency.

Do you think this has been blown out of proportion? Or does Lee Paige deserve all the difficulty he’s received from this?

First Person in the World to have an Extra DNA Strand

I accidentally came across a news story yesterday about a young toddler named Alfie who has an extra DNA strand. Basically he has an extra arm on one of his chromosomes.  It’s such a rare condition that doctors don’t even have a name for it. This fascinated me because in one of my classes we’re currently discussing the evolution of humans throughout time.  Could this one child be the beginning of a gradual change among the human race? Maybe. Who knows. But for now Alfie faces numerous health problems because of this extra DNA strand. He has developed slower than most children. For example, he didn’t roll over until he was 18 months old. Doctors still aren’t sure why this extra strand effects him the way it does. He has been rushed tot he hospital multiple times for difficulty breathing. He was born blind, along with other disabilities. He was able to see when he was 3 months old.  Alfie has an older sister named Georgia who is 10. She has no health problems or abnormalities like Alfie has.  Luckily, Alfie was born to very loving parents who adore him.

Two-year-old Alfie

Along with his other problems, Alfie has to take multiple drugs every day help him absorb nutrients because he has difficulty with digestion. On two different times, his parents thought he was dying, but surprised them when he bounced back.

Alfie with his mom, dad, and sister, Georgia.

It’s hard to tell what this means exactly. Doctors don’t know how long Alfie will live or if he will ever live a ‘normal’ life. It could just be a gene mutation or it could be something more. Only time will tell how his condition will affect him in the long-run. It will be interesting to see if more people start being born with this condition or if Alfie is just an isolated case of gene abnormality.

“The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct”

Phillip Greaves was arrested in Colorado in December for writing a “how-to” book for pedophilia. He claims that he’s never molested a child and that he has no children. (But of course he said that, who would admit to molesting a child?) Apparently the book  talks about “safe sex and avoiding injury to children, grooming and preparing children for sex and teaching children how to lie to their parents.” To me, that’s pretty disgusting. I can’t believe that his book actually got published. It’s even more disturbing that people actually bought that book. He’s on a two year probation and will receive counseling. I was surprised that he’s not going to be registered on a sex offender list.  I think that’s pretty ridiculous, considering the book he wrote. If people can be put on the sex offender registry for having sex with a minor (like an 18 year old having sex with their younger boyfriend/girlfriend) then why shouldn’t this guy?


He also wrote another book before his “how-to” guide, called “Our Gardens of Flesh: From the Seeds of Lust Springs the Harvest of Love.” (super catchy, right?) This book is the “study of sex and sexually from its primodial origins through its historical colorations to its ultimate expression as man’s existential celebration of life and development as the supreme expression friendship and love.” Great description, I guess. I’m still not sure what the book is about. I’m pretty sure all that is just fancy-talk for sex.

What do you think? Does he deserve to be put on the sex offender list or do you think he’s not a threat? Also,despite how appalling this book is, do you consider what he did was illegal?

Atheists & Christians

In the New York Times, i read a story about an Atheist club at a highschool. The club was anticipating the upcoming Faith Week at their school and were planning on setting up an information table outside and giving speeches. Some Christian clubs at the school were planning on holding prayer circles. The Atheist club is  a bit controversial; some of the students in it are hiding their membership from their parents. Personally, i don’t hold anything against Atheists or Christians or really anyone of a particular religion. But it does bother me when people try to cram their religions and their beliefs down other people’s throats. However, i think it’s pretty interesting that the Atheist club and the Christian club can exist peacefully at the same school without having major problems. It’s a shame it can’t be like that in the real world. Actually the President of the Atheist club and the President of the Christian club are close friends and often go to Taco Bell together. I find it sad that some of the students can’t tell their parents about being in the Atheist club because they know that their parents disapprove. One girl was afraid that her being in the club would hurt her father who is in the Navy.

Michael Creamer, the advisor to the Atheist club


I think nowadays, a large amount of people in the U.S. are paranoid about Muslims. For the most part it’s an irrational fear; we should be paranoid of terrorist groups not all Muslims. One of my friends on facebook had a status the other day that said “I hate the Middle East.” It was pretty broad statement and a large majority of people actually liked it ( i was kind of surprised.) The Middle East right now is such a controversial issue. This person probably shouldn’t have posted something like that but they have every right to do so.