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Cultural Event: Wind Ensemble

I went to the Wind Ensemble Concert. It’s been quite a while since i went to a music concert like this. One of the girls playing actually lives on my hall. It’s always interesting to see people outside of where i usually run into them. The music they played was beautiful and completely enjoyable to listen to. The band director was given an award at the end. Typically i’m not the kind of person who would just up and go to a Wind Ensemble but i actually really liked it. They played this one piece that involved a lot of drumming and it was so cool.

The crowd was pretty sparse. It looked like mainly parents, grand-parents, maybe some residents from Blakey Hall, and other Global students who procrastinated on their Cultural Events. Though, either way, big crowd or not, the musicians did a really good job.

Although i enjoyed it, this event isn’t really one of my favorites. It was nice but it’s not like it’s something i haven’t seen before. I should have planned ahead better so i could have been more selective about what events i attended. At least i learned something.

In the middle of the concert, i had a moral dilemma. Ironically it was dealing with my friend Emma. I had my phone sitting in my lap, on silent of course, simply so i could check the time. I should have just turned it off, but i didn’t anticipate any problems. At one point, my phone lights up: Emma’s calling. I didn’t answer it, i just let it “ring.” Then i texted her and told her i was busy and at a concert. I suppose i shouldn’t have texted her at all but i didn’t want her to think i was ignoring her. In girl-world it can be what some would call a “bitch move” to ignore a call. I was trying to avoid problems. However, in my attempt at avoidance i actually ran into trouble head-on. As i was texting, i felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to meet my “tapper.” Frankly, i don’t enjoy unwelcomed touches, especially from people i don’t know. The woman who had tapped me whispered “can you shut that down?!”

Honestly, she needed to calm down. It’s not like i was sitting there the entire time texting obnoxiously. Ordinarily, i never would be so rude as to text during a concert or a show. I suppose in my attempt at trying to be polite towards Emma i was rude to this lady. I’m sorry that i sat down in front of the “moral police.” Even if i was, for instance, being annoying and texting the whole time, is it really her place to act like my mother and tell me to stop? I think not. Especially considering that she didn’t know the circumstances of what i was saying. No, it wasn’t a life-or-death scenario but it literally took about two seconds to text. In the future, i’ll just turn my phone off at these things so that my calls can go straight to voice mail.

But other than getting in trouble with someone-else’s mom, the concert was kind of fun and a bit relaxing.


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