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Cultural Event: On that Note (Dance Concert)

I went to the dance concert called “On that Note.” It was a series of different dance segments. All of the sections were very different and had their own, unique themes. My favorite was the first part. It began pitch black, then soft lights appeared streaming down onto the stage and we could see a row of silver helmets. The lights flashed off again and then back on and to the right of the stage were a group of dancers. The dancers were dressed in black, spandex suits that went down to their mid-calves. The suits had two silver stripes and tight hoods to cover their hair. I thought it was interesting how it was hard to tell which were men and which were women. Obviously if you looked hard enough, you could tell but it was cool that their costumes allowed them to be almost “genderless” on stage. They did some different dance routines, all involving the silver helmets.  It was very different than any other dance routine i’d see before. It reminded me of a science fiction show like Star Trek or even the book Ender’s Game. It was kind of militaristic.

The segments after that were a bit more traditional. The next one had one lead dancer and a bunch of other dancers dressed in flesh-colored clothing.  The colors were appealing though. The back-drop was a soft blue color that faded as it got closer to the floor.This contrasted interestingly with the flesh-colored costumes. There was another segment where the stage was covered in what looked like dry leaves and the dancers were wearing lose, old-looking clothing. Occasionally, the dancers would throw the leaves. The stage had a red light shining on it and it created a sort of warm, autumn feeling. This segment seemed to go on too long. It got boring after a while and became predicable. The next segment used more traditional ballet dancers. They wore green and yellow costumes. They all reminded me of Tinker Bell. This segment had good movement though and it didn’t get very boring. It remained visually interested and changed constantly.

Ultimately, this concert was fun to attend. I enjoyed seeing the dancers and i know it must have taken quite a bit of work to accomplish those routines. It’s amazing that they have the time to put into all those hours of practice. It was a good idea to open with a segment that was so different and modern-looking. It definitely caught my attention and i was still thinking about it at the end of the show.I think nowadays traditional dance isn’t really the rage with shows like America’s Best Dance Crew and other shows like that that feature more modern, hip-hop style dancers. I enjoy watching those shows but it is cool to see the more traditional dances being done, especially when a modern twist is put on them. I plan on going to next year’s show as well. It’ll be neat to see what stays the same and what’s different. Either way, i’m sure it’ll be a fun and worthwhile experience again.


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