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Botox for an 8-year-old: Right, Wrong, or even Illegal?

There has been a huge public backlash against a mother who was recently put in the spotlight for giving her 8-year-old daughter botox for competing in beauty pageant.

Not only are the morals of this situation questionable but also the legality.  Botox is not approved by the FDA for being given to minors. Also, since it causes the child pain, could this be child abuse?

Botox being administered to 8-year-old Britney.

The mother’s defense was, “she asks for it.” But with no witnesses to attest to that statement, we really don’t know if that’s true. Even if it is, an 8-year-old is too young to be deciding that she wants botox. Most 8-year-olds can’t even cross the street or go out alone, much less decide that they want to alter their appearance. We don’t know what this could mean in the long term for her.

Britney receiving botox.

“She asks for it.” Really? That’s your defense? I recall cases where rapists claim “well, she asked for it.” But i suppose this woman has already shown us that she isn’t very intelligent, why am i surprised at her justification for such ridiculous behavior.

I do worry about the physical consequences the little girl could face but i’m more concerned about the mental and emotional issue she may have to deal with. If she looks in the mirror now and sees wrinkles, imagine what that’s going to be like as she continues to get older?

Britney and her mother.

When she starts hitting her pre-teen and teenage years, her body will be changing and she’ll think that the only “solution” for that is to turn to medical procedures.

I also worry about her self-esteem and her confidence. Little girls look up to their mothers to teach them how to be confident and secure in their appearances. But her mother is telling her that she needs to change her appearance to be beautiful. To me that’s wrong and goes against everything that a mother should be teaching their child.


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