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Gummy Bears: Where are they?

I have wanted gummy bears for quite some time now. So i finally decided to go to Fountain Market and get some. Typically they either have boxes of gummy bears or a giant jar of them. But today, something very tragical happened…(i didn’t realize tragical was actually a word, this is so educational.)

There were and still are, no gummy bears to be found.

There were plenty of gummy worms, gummy fruit slices, jelly beans, peach rings, life savers, Swedish fish…but oh no, no gummy bears. And yes, i could lower my standards and just settle for the gummy worms or the peach rings, but im a purist.  I just want gummy bears.

Gummy Bear of epic proportions.

You might be thinking, but Daryl, why can’t you just go to the grocery store or Wal-Greens (which is oh-so-conveniently opened 24/7)?

I have a lengthy list of reasons, you better sit down:

1) I’m paying ( “I’m” i.e. my parents) a ridiculous amount to attend this fine institution. Therefore, there should be a multitude of gummy bears available.

2) I have roughly 90 meal dollars left and optimally, a large fraction of that would be spent on the GB’s.

3) I really don’t have a third reason, but a list of two reasons is just sad.

Gummy Bears walking on a log.

Last time i got gummy bears, i went to Wal-Greens (i originally tried to go to the grocery store but they closed early! what is this non-sense?!) Luckily though, Wal-Greens (my new best friend) was having a sale. 3 for $3! I only bought one box however (rookie mistake, i know) But in the end, im glad i only bought one because the gummy bears were weird colored…like…they were swamp colors or something. They tasted perfectly delightful but the colors were a let-down.

I’m currently in the library “studying” (aka complaining about gummy bears). I’m sitting next to this dude who smells like cigarettes and cologne. No bueno.

Gummy Bear Army


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