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Cultural Event: Spring Concert

I recently went to the Spring Concert here at Elon. It featured three performers: Super Smash Brothers (aka two dudes with laptops), Wale (rapper guy), and Neon Trees ( a band that i’m actually a fan of).  I went to this show with my future roomie, Emma. She currently lives across the hall. She brought along a couple of her friends as well. One of which, was a complete jerk. He told me within at least 10 minutes of meeting me that i had twitchy eyes, that i was judgemental, uptight, angry and that if i argued with him that he’d “ruin” my reputation. He tried way too hard to be mean. It’s clear that he has some major insecurities with himself. I think for him it’s much easier to just be mean as nails than to make himself vulnerable, and be kind. Either way, i really couldn’t care less about his opinion of me; everyone else was very nice. Throughout the evening, inbetween dodging grinding-couples and trying not to get elbowed in the face by the 7-foot-tall dude in front of me, i was occasionally subjected to this kid’s kind and loving comments. He particularly loved making fun of my name. He asked me at least 5 times what my name was. Some people just can’t handle it.

The concert began with the Super Smash Brothers. I honestly had no idea who they were before this concert. I’m sure i’d heard of them once or twice but i really wasn’t certain. It turns out they are basically DJ’s and they remix popular songs. It turned the concert into more of a club atmosphere. There was lots of PDA everywhere, plenty of bumping and grinding and such.

Anyways, next up was Wale. He was the most popular by far. Though at first i wasn’t sure exactly which one was Wale because he had an entire posse on stage. But i figured it out.

I had heard of Wale before from Emma. He’s responsible for songs like “No Hands.”

It’s a fairly catchy song. But we shouldn’t read too much into the lyrics.

“I’ma sip Moscato, and you ‘gon lose dem pants
Then i’ma throw this money, while you do it with no hands
Girl drop it to the flo’ I love the way your booty go
All I want to do is sit back , and watch you move as I proceed to throw this cash.”

It essentially encourages alcohol, strippers, and the objectification of women. But even with that being said, the beat is catchy and it’s a fun song i suppose. Songs like “No Hands” get the most attention but he actually has songs that have more of a “deeper” meaning. Wale has songs like “Diary” and “Break Up Song” that have a much different message.


After Wale got off stage, the majority of people left the concert. I stayed because not only had i paid $20.00 dollars for this concert but also because next up was Neon Trees, a band i actually like and have heard of previously. It was a much different mood when Neon Trees came out; it was less “club-y” and more like an actual concert. The lead singer, Tyler Glenn, was a very interesting and energetic performer. I also liked that at one point he stopped and said something along the lines of “I don’t like to get serious at these things but i just want to say that i’m a face of bullying…” He went on to condemn bullying and the tragic effects it can have. I especially like that at the end of that he said: “I might have weird hair and you might wear khakis but that doesn’t mean we can’t go to the movies together.” He’s of course refering to his mohawk-ish hair-do.

Tyler Glenn

Neon Trees has a lot of catchy songs, such as  “Animal.”

I particularly like “1983”, “In the Next Room”, and “Your Surrender.”

Overall, I’m really glad i went to this concert. It was fun and definitely cool to see performers that i’ve heard on the radio.


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