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DEA Agent Shot at Gun Safety Demonstration

A friend showed me this video yesterday. It’s actually from 2004. The irony is pretty entertaining. Good thing he didn’t shoot one of the kids.

Turns out the DEA Agent, Lee Paige, is actually suing over the release of the video. Paige,45, claims that this video has “crippled” his career.  The person in the audience who filmed Paige shooting himself in the foot with a Glock .40 sent the video to the Drug Agency. Paige is angry that the agency released this video. Paige claims that he was once one of the “best” agents in the agency. He also is no longer allowed to give gun safety lectures anymore. Obviously. Who in their right mind would allow him to be around children with guns? I understand that accidents happen. But he’s supposed to be a gun expert. He says in the video that the guns aren’t loaded. I’m no expert on this, but if you’re about to be handling guns around young kids, you should…oh…i don’t know…double check to make sure the guns aren’t loaded! Imagine what would have happened if he had shot one of the kids. He’s lucky he’s the only one who got shot. He metaphorically shot himself in the foot and literally shot himself in the foot.


This is a picture of the document that Paige filed.

I guess we have to give him some props for continuing to limp around with a bullet in his foot and attempt to show a rifle to the scared children. Kudos to the lady in the audience who told him to “put it down.”  I think a good rule of thumb is that if you are giving a gun safety lecture and someone gets shot…you should stop and reevaluate your safety tactics.

I sympathize with Paige a bit though; this video is horribly embarrassing and makes a mockery of his job. This is definitely an example of how the internet and social networking has a huge effect on people’s lives now. Without the internet, only a few people would have seen this video and most likely it would have stayed between Paige, the audience, and the agency.

Do you think this has been blown out of proportion? Or does Lee Paige deserve all the difficulty he’s received from this?


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