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Child Abuse: Nothing New?

I read a heartfelt article recently from a mother who was angry about the frequency of abuse and neglect, especially among children. I agree with most of the things she stated except when she discussed how child abuse is so prominent nowadays and how this is a new phenomenon. Child abuse is nothing new. It’s been happening for centuries. I agree that, sadly, it is still prominent nowadays. However this writer acted as if there had been a huge surge in the amount of abuse happening. Anyways, i did find her article interesting when she talked about how some people blame the victims of abuse, neglect, and even rape. It’s an incredibly messed up thing to look at a rape victim and say “it’s your fault, you shouldn’t have been there are that time of night” or “it’s your fault, look how you’re dressed” or something along those lines. Yeah, it is really important that people, especially women, make an effort to be safe and aware of whats going on around them. For example, walking with a friend at night or not going for a run after dark. But sometimes rape happens in broad daylight or to the most unsuspecting person. Most people are victimized by someone they know. There’s a fine line between educating victims of abuse and simply blaming them. The writer described a situation where an 11 year old girl was gang raped by 15 to 20 people. If that wasn’t bad enough an “activist” actually went to her town and old her that she could have done more to stop her rape. That’s what i call pure bullshit. Whoever that “activist” was has absolutely no room to tell an 11 year old that could fend off 15 to 20 people. That’s insane. Even a full grown adult wouldn’t be able to fight off that many people. It was a horrific crime to begin with and it’s pretty disgusting that people point fingers at that girl, who’s going to have to live the rest of her life dealing with the memories of this event. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.


This picture was in the article I read.






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