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Atheists & Christians

In the New York Times, i read a story about an Atheist club at a highschool. The club was anticipating the upcoming Faith Week at their school and were planning on setting up an information table outside and giving speeches. Some Christian clubs at the school were planning on holding prayer circles. The Atheist club is  a bit controversial; some of the students in it are hiding their membership from their parents. Personally, i don’t hold anything against Atheists or Christians or really anyone of a particular religion. But it does bother me when people try to cram their religions and their beliefs down other people’s throats. However, i think it’s pretty interesting that the Atheist club and the Christian club can exist peacefully at the same school without having major problems. It’s a shame it can’t be like that in the real world. Actually the President of the Atheist club and the President of the Christian club are close friends and often go to Taco Bell together. I find it sad that some of the students can’t tell their parents about being in the Atheist club because they know that their parents disapprove. One girl was afraid that her being in the club would hurt her father who is in the Navy.

Michael Creamer, the advisor to the Atheist club


I think nowadays, a large amount of people in the U.S. are paranoid about Muslims. For the most part it’s an irrational fear; we should be paranoid of terrorist groups not all Muslims. One of my friends on facebook had a status the other day that said “I hate the Middle East.” It was pretty broad statement and a large majority of people actually liked it ( i was kind of surprised.) The Middle East right now is such a controversial issue. This person probably shouldn’t have posted something like that but they have every right to do so.


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