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Would You Chug a Bottle of Soy Sauce to Be in a Frat?

Personally, like many, i enjoy soy sauce…with chicken and vegetables or rice, i don’t exactly want to go get the bottle out of my cabinet and stick a straw in it nor do i want to chug it. But that’s exactly what one frat had a pledge do to join them.


At the University of Virginia, the Zeta Psi Fraternity had a freshmen chug a bottle of soy sauce, i suppose as a sort of hazing. Typically you’d think they’d have him chug alcohol or something. Who the heck thought of soy sauce? That’s not smart.

Zeta Psi


The freshmen proceeded to have seizure and began foaming at the mouth due to the high sodium level of soy sauce. (It must have tasted awful, yuck!) the 19-year-old was taken to the hospital and was in critical condition upon arrival. He was then treated for an electrolyte imbalance. He survived the soy sauce incident luckily and has since been released.

Soy Sauce, $3.59 (what a bargain!)

The police are always looking into a strange meal that the pledges were asked to eat. The meal consisted of dog food, matzo balls, gefilte fish and soy sauce (gross).  The frat could be charged with hazing, which is actually a misdemeanor in VA (as well as in NC). If these frat members are found guilty they could be expelled.


I think the problem with hazing is that there is a fine line between daring and messing around and actually causing someone serious harm.  I think people get so caught up in trying to fit in that they forget to stop and think if what they’re doing is a smart choice. Unfortunately that line is crossed a lot and people die from it. Hazing should never happen. A person shouldn’t have to suffer to fit-in. Activities should be friendly and fun, not dangerous and life-threatening. I guess these guys didn’t realize the dangers of chugging soy sauce.


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