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The Westboro Baptist Church: Disturbing, But Legal

Recently, the Westboro Baptist Church’s rights to protest were upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Westboro Baptist Church is infamous for its wide spectrum of hatred. It was brought to court by Albert Snyder, the father of a dead Marine, for protesting at his son’s funeral.

Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder


If i was Albert Snyder i probably would have done the same. But as much as i sympathize with Mr. Snyder and appreciate his efforts, i can’t help but agree with the court’s decision. It would simply be unconstitutional to punish the Church for their protests, even if the wide majority of people dislike them. The only real bright side of this situation is that it shows that at least, in some way, our system is fair and doesn’t fall victim to what society deems “appropriate.” However, i’d love to see the Westboro Baptist Church break some sort of law in which they could face legal repercussions. What they do is disgusting and beyond disrespectful. It also disturbs me that the dead soldier’s who they protest against are the same soldiers who fight for the freedoms that these Church members enjoy. I guess freedom isn’t always pretty.

A member of the Westboro Baptist Church at one of their many protests

Albert Snyder actually won an$11 million judgment in 2007 but his reward was reduced and then  overturned on appeal. Snyder actually ended up having to pay for some of the Church’s legal fees ($16,510.80 out of the total $100,000). Bill O’Reilly actually volunteered to pay the money for Mr. Snyder. O’Reilly said that Mr. Snyder is a “victim of injustice.” I agree that he is a victim but not of injustice, maybe of ignorance and hatred though. If anything this situation shows justice, not injustice. The Supreme Court upheld the constitution and despite that it benefited the ‘bad guys’ of this situation, i think the court made the right decision.

Albert Snyder




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