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Japan Disaster

The sudden earthquakes and tsunami in Japan and other parts of the globe have caught the world’s attention.  I came across a news article about Hiromitsu Shinkawa; he’s a 60 year old Japanese man who was rescued on Sunday after being swept nine miles out to sea while clinging to remnants of his house for more than two days.  There were also three old people found alive in a car that had been nearly destroyed by the tsunami. Another woman was found herself clinging to the branches of a tree and decided to grab onto a floor mat that floated by. Her daughter had been washed away and is still missing. The woman was later rescued after waiting all night for help. There are countless stories of survival and tragedy.

This disaster has killed nearly 1,600 and has destroyed tens of thousands of homes. The Prime Minister Naoto Kan said that 15,000 people have been saved so far.  However, there are still thousands of lives that are unaccounted for. The death toll is expected to rise. There were scary aftershocks after the earthquake. There were alarms that sounded to warn people to get to higher ground. During one of the false alarms one man shouted “It’s your life…Run!”

There has also been controversy over Japan’s nuclear power plant. Some of the cooling systems have failed and they have decided to release steam that carries amounts of radiation. The Japanese claim that this radiation is not harmful to the health of humans. They had an explosion and leak in one of the nuclear reactors. People surrounding the area have been evacuated. They say that 140 may have been affected by the radiation at the plant. Joseph Cirincione, a U.S. nuclear expert has said that the accident at the Japanese nuclear reactor is one of the three worst in history. He also said that if they can’t get control over the situation that it will be a “complete disaster.”


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