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Class Changes & Family

I ended up dropping my French class after being “encouraged” to do so by my Professor. This happened the last day of drop/add.  Turns out there aren’t exactly a lot of classes left by the last day. So after momentarily freaking out, I decided to pick up a psych course because I might be majoring in that. Turns out I didn’t have all the pre-requisites and the pickings for other classes were getting continually slimmer. I thought “holy expletive, what the expletive am I gunna do?!” It goes without saying that I don’t like surprises. I mean I like good surprises, like finding a kitten in a box on the side of the freeway, that’d be like Christmas morning. But I don’t like surprise changes, which are actually a big part of life but still I don’t always like them. To my relief, I ended up taking the last seat in a Criminology course.  It’s been a good class and I think I know what’s going on now.  I like the Professor; he has a good sense of humor.

This coming weekend, I’m going home for a bit. It’s nice to be able to do that since I live so close. It’s just my parents and my 3 cats at home right now. I have an older brother and an older sister as well. My brother is a junior here at Elon right now and my sister is going to graduate school in Minnesota. She might be visiting in April, I’m very excited! In fact, I’m excited for Spring in general. I’m completely over Winter right now.

I went to the basketball game last night to watched Elon play UNCG. It was going well until my ex roommate decided to sit a seat or two away from me. It was rather awkward. But that’s all I’ll say about that.

These are pictures of my siblings and my parents.


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