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Banning Water Bottles

Leeds University was the first in the UK to ban water bottles in 2009.  http://www.theecologist.org/how_to_make_a_difference/schools/361720/banning_bottled_water_in_universities.html

-Other universities that banned water bottles include Belmont University, Oberlin College, Seattle University, University Ottawa, University Portland, University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, Upstate Medical Univeristy, and Washington University in St. Louis. http://revolvewater.com/blog/colleges-ban-bottled-water/

Elon University should be the next school to ban plastic water bottles. The water bottles are terrible for the environment. The production of the plastic bottles releases dangerous toxins into the air. These toxins are killing residents nearby the factories. Even after the plastic bottle is made, it still contains chemicals that can leech into the water and are very harmful.  The environmental cost of producing water bottles is too high when you consider how much usage a bottle actually gets.  Most water bottles aren’t even used for an entire day. Most people use it for a couple of hours tops, then throw it away.

It seems like banning plastic water bottles would be the natural next step for Elon to make. Elon focuses so much on being global and sustainable, it would only make sense to ban the bottles. Many students here already carry reusable bottles. There are multiple places around campus to fill up a reusable bottle, there are water fountains and there’s filtered water in Moseley and in Fountain Market. Reusable bottles can be bought in the campus book store.

I think people don’t realize what a high cost we are really paying for water bottles. Before watching the documentary in class, I had no idea exactly how damaging they were. I think one of the first steps would be creating awareness about the environmental cost of plastic bottles. The more people who care about it and who support it,  the faster it will become a reality. Elon needs to set the example and ban water bottles.


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