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Multiculturalism in Greensboro,NC

I’m from Greensboro, NC. There’s a population of Mexicans who come to North Carolina. It’s not a huge number of them but it’s a significant amount. I’m honestly not sure how many. I had a friend in highschool whose family moved from California, but they were originally from Mexico. Her family moved to North Carolina because there was too much violence in their neighborhood in California. They also had job opportunities here. Her Uncle owns a Mexican restaurant here and she works there.  I know it angers some people to have Mexicans move into their cities or towns and take jobs. It doesn’t personally affect me because I don’t need a job at this point in my life, luckily.  I tried to find some exact numbers about the population in NC. I found this website: http://www.stanford.edu/~kenro/LAU/States/NorthCarolina/NCPopGrow.htm

I once tried to go to this flea market with my dad but the day we went there it turned out to be closed. Instead we came across this really interesting international grocery store.  I didn’t recognize a single brand in it. It had a lot of foods from China and Japan. I never realized that we had a place like that in Greensboro and I’ve been living there my entire life. I think there’s probably more multiculturalism in my city than I realize because I don’t go out of my way to look for it. I pretty much just stick to my usual areas or “stomping grounds,” as my mom would say. I think it is important to experience different cultures and especially to know what kinds of cultures your city has. There’s a lot to learn from different cultures and if anything, it can just be an eye-opener. This has me a bit curious about what other cultures are actually in Greensboro that I don’t know about.


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