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First week of Spring semester classes!

My first week of Spring semester classes began on Tuesday with Contemporary Wellness Issues. It’s not a very exciting class. So far it reminds me of the health classes I took in high school. But maybe it’ll be more interesting as the semester progresses. The Professor is Mrs. Storsved. I’m still not exactly sure how to say her name. Anyway, after that class I have The Global Experience with Professor Smith, which is conveniently right across the hall. Global seems like an interesting class. I like the discussions we have had so far. On Wednesday, I have French II with Professor Adamson. Even though I hate French, Mrs. Adamson is incredibly nice and so I might actually enjoy that class some. My French class is in Carlton. I’m not a big fan of Carlton. Maybe it’s just me, but this building has the worst design. Some doors lead to classrooms while others lead to hallways. I always end up leaving class a different way than how I arrived. In the afternoons on Monday and Wednesday, I have Journey Through Time with Dr. Gammon. I needed to take a non-lab science course and this class seemed appealing. I’m not much of a science person so since this class also deals with history, I think I’ll like it.  I’m glad I don’t have any evening classes this semester though I’m sure I’ll have some mornings where I regret taking French at 9. But luckily everyday I’m done with classes around 4 or a bit earlier. Last semester I had an 8 am history class, which was really hard to wake up for. I’m definitely not a morning person. I had a late class last semester at 5:30. It threw me off to have a class that late. In high school I got used to being done with classes around 4. I’m looking forward to this semester’s classes. I’ll be glad to get my general requirements out of the way!


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